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  • The KETTLER CROSSRACK doesn’t require much space and looks cool too. It is guaranteed not to mutate into a clothing hanger – because it can be used in many ways and offers a variety of exercise options. The Crossrack is ideal not only for targeted power training adapted to your own body weight, but also for coordination- and mobilization exercises.

    A total of 20 exercises can be carried out on the Crossrack.

    Material : Plywood
    Color : Brown
    Dimensions : 250 cm length x 30 cm width x 4 cm thickness
    One pair of wooden handles
    Custom adjustments can be made (at an additional charge)

  • Function triceps, abdominal crunch, leg extension, high pull AB crunch, tricep

    push-down, lat pull down, biceps, pectoral fly, seated press bar row,

    seated pulley row, front press, leg kick back, seated shoulder press,

    upright row, standing leg curl


    • 30