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SenseBall is the football (soccer) ball with string developed by CogiTraining, the revolutionary football training method implemented in football clubs and Federations around the world such as APOEL, the Belgian FA, AC Milan, RSC Anderlecht and FC Metz.

Recommended by professional football players, SenseBall is especially aimed at young players between 6 and 20 years of age. Practising with SenseBall allows improving their football skills and becoming two-footed. SenseBall also improves the performance of all sportspeople for whom high-speed and precision of leg movements are essential (basketball, tennis, skiing, handball…).

Thanks to its specific design and related exercises, a player who practises with SenseBall makes an average of 500,000 touches of the ball in a season, whereas it is calculated that a professional footballer, in all of the matches and training sessions in which he participates, makes a maximum of 50,000 touches of the ball per season.

Players’ bilateral (left/right and forwards/backwards) activity is optimized by using SenseBall as it enables them to perform, either alone or in a group (therefore rhythmically), various different exercises. The basic principle is to constantly alternate between left and right foot, thus ensuring myelination (the recording of information in the long-term memory). The practice of SenseBall enables developing specific skills for football, reacting more quickly and gaining in rhythm. It improves the performance of all sportspeople by making their leg movements quicker and more varied. 

In a training session, a player uses his left foot as many times as his right and moves through space in a balanced way left/right and backwards/forwards. Whether done individually or in a group (and so rhythmically), the football training ball SenseBall enables developing specific football skills, reacting quicker and gaining in rhythm.




Perfect two-footed performance!

Excellent command and control of the ball!

Faster, more accurate passing!

Improved perception and coordination!

Forms correct body positions!


The purchase of SenseBall includes:
- The Football Training Ball
- An access code to the online training material (50 video excercices, mobile app, manuals and videoconferences).

These videos get increasingly complex in accordance with the specific needs of each player. Each exercise contains an in-depth explanation on how to perform the task and what you must pay attention to, either as a player or a coach.

In order to practice SenseBall wherever you are (football field, gym, schoolyard, garden, terrace, beach…), we have developed a mobile application. A link in your private account gives you free access to this application. You will thus be able to view the exercise videos in complete freedom




BBC SPORT : When Germinal Beerschot attacking midfielder Faris Haroun began to train with Michel Bruyninckx, he couldn’t kick the ball with his left foot. Two years later, his club, Racing Genk, thought he was left-footed.


SPORTS ILLUSTRATED : Geoff Noonan, coordinator at Fulham Academy for 7 to 11 year-old players, has decided to order 150 SenseBall. « SenseBall helps open the hips, it’s good for crosses, volleys, and to improve the player’s weaker foot. »


CNN.COM : AC Milan [...] is rethinking its youth organizational structure. To do so, they turned to [...] Michel Bruyninckx (the inventor of SenseBall - CogiTraining) to steer the club’s development of its young players.


AC MILAN : AC Milan have renewed their exclusive contract for Italy with CogiTraining-SenseBall for a third season. The spectacular progress enjoyed by their youth teams since working with the programme made this an easy choice.


R.S.C. ANDERLECHT : « The most important reason why RSC Anderlecht use SenseBall is that we want to create perfect two-footed players. Players love SenseBall and you can see the results every week on the pitch. »


FC METZ : « Among the 7-12-year-old, it helps with coordination and motor skills. With the older players, it is used for synchronization, the collection of information. For me SenseBall must be part of the educational material of the educator. »


WESLEY SNEIJDER : « At the age of 7, like all the other young players at Ajax, I was given a football on the end of a string to practise with at home. “You must train every evening with both feet” the trainer would say, and that’s what I did. »


FARIS HAROUN : « SenseBall greatly helped me to become a professional footballer. When I started at Leuven Football Academy all I used my left foot for was to get on the bus. Today I can play with both feet equally well. »


DRIES MERTENS : « All the players were given a football on the end of a string with a handle, you had to hold the handle, juggle and kick the ball permanently with both feet. I am convinced I have mastered playing with both feet thanks to those exercises. »

WESLEY SNEIJDER : « At the age of 7, like all the other young players at Ajax, I was given a football on the end of a string to practise with at home. “You must train every evening with both feet” the trainer would say, and that’s what I did. »

MILAN LADIES : « SenseBall is an important equipment that improves coordination, rhythm, speed, etc., training both the physical and the mental part; and without any age limit. »


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